New Earth at AFIM Waduda Paradiso & Bhikkhu Schober with the AFIM Award for Sun Spirit.

Waduda Paradiso, Chinmaya and Naveena at Castle Leslie in Ireland.

Founded in 1990 in Munich, Germany, New Earth Records quickly became one of Europe's best selling New Age and World music labels and is now a world renowned New Age powerhouse. The New Earth headquarters, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is situated in a warm inviting environment that inspires the staff and fuels the music process.. Over the past fourteen years New Earth Records has cultivated a spirit of New Age that many find beneficial for healing, meditation and spiritual growth. We strive to combine the spiritual vibration with global music that honors the earth and sky elements, and connects with the rhythm, heart, and sounds of indigenous peoples. As such, the New Earth Record label has become synonymous with frequencies designed to point deeper into the inner journey of meditation and celebration of the body. Aspiring to the highest quality recordings to please both the Buddha-mind and the dancing feet of Zobra within each of us! New Earth Records has established and recognized International artists like Rasa, Chinmaya Dunster, James Asher, Deuter, Al Gromer Khan, Terry Oldfield, Lisa Lynne, Jim Wilson (Tulku) and many more.

We invite you to ascend to new heights of musical awareness with some of the best, most heartfelt music by creative and talented musicians. As an artist-based label, the aspirations of New Earth Records are realized through the commitment to excellence and the integrity of personal vision that our wonderful musicians bring to their work. We are fortunate to have musicians with a similar mission to our own and we hope this vision resonates with you, the listener. We consider you to be part of our family and salute your integrity and dedication to harmonize healthy living and sustainability in every aspect of your daily lives and are honored that you see our music as an integral part of your journey. We thank you for supporting us in our contribution of sounds that heal and unite.

Stephanie Lynch, Bhikkhu Schober, Prem Joshua, Alicia Gyetvai, Waduda Paradiso, and Dharma with Dharma Music Germany at INATS Tradeshow, Denver 2002

Celtic Ragas New Earth from left to right: Chinmaya Dunster, Ramadhan, Naveena, Sadhu, Prabodh, Jamie, Tanmayo, Maneesh, Waduda and Bhikkhu at Liverpool airport, June 2002 after playing at Paul McCartney's wedding.

New Earth at MIDEM From left: Peter Manzi NAV Magazine Editor, New Earth's Honey Harris and Waduda Paradiso, "Buddha Bar" Producer/DJ Claude Challe, and New Earth President Bhikkhu Schober.
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